Excellence in Maritime Medical Management & Consulting Services


In the long and proud history of the Maritime Industry, no means were spared to maintain its place as one of the eldest and most successful industries in the world. Universal Maritime Services and its group of companies, as partners of the maritime industry, will introduce the new millennium technologies in maritime services. As an active partner of different networks, we would like to present to you our involvement in the health and medical services needed by the shipping industry.

Universal Maritime Services is a well-established corporation with more than thirteen years of service to the high-end part of the cruise industry. Our services are a one-stop-shop where the design of medical facilites, to ship construction of medical facilities, selection of medical equipment, staffing of pharmacies up to hiring of personnel and total on-board operation can be delivered. UMS also provides consulting to the cruiselines with the development of manuals, procedures in relation to passenger and crew health.